Thai Massage – Ancient Asian Massage

One of the older forms of Asian massage is Thai massage. It has been around for several thousand years and has even been used in the area of traditional Thai medicine. It involves stretching, deep massage, manipulation, ritual, medicinal treatment and diet. It’s usually done on the floor with your clothes on, something loose and comfortable will do, and not using any oils. It started out from the belief that disease comes from an imbalanced energy system in the body. Thai massage focuses on promoting balance to help the individual heal and rejuvenate.

Thai massage claims to have therapeutic effects, and for several years people have even used it to treat their physical and emotional problems. Many have attested that this form of Asian massage delivered great results for them. However, there have been a few individuals who have stressed that it’s dangerous for those who suffer from a serious medical condition. But no one can ever deny how relaxing this massage is.

Principles & Techniques of Thai Massage

There are several techniques that are use to do the overall process of a Thai massage. As compared to other types of massage therapy, gentler pressure is actually involved. It works similar to Shiatsu massage. But in this kind of therapy, pressure is often placed on the energy channels using 2 directions.

One of the famous techniques involved in Thai massage is “blood stopping”. This is done by putting pressure on the arteries of the leg or perhaps the arm for a minute. This is based on the theory of the importance of cutting the source of blood circulation to build up pressure, which leads to the slowing down of heart contractions that will decrease the pressure later on. As the pressure is released, a supply of blood will enter the area that will enable the organ to enter a relaxed state. However, this technique is not allowed for individuals who have certain types of medical conditions like diabetes, heart and circulatory problems.

Thai massage uses techniques that need to be performed over a long period of time, usually lasting between two to three hours. It is important to choose a skilled therapist in Thai massage to make sure everything goes smoothly. But before trying out Thai massage, it is advisable to consult your doctor first to prevent dangers to your health.

Thai Massage: Benefits of Asian Massage

Thai massage has been very popular for relaxation, pain relief, stress relief and provides a unique Asian massage experience. So if you want to experience a traditional Thai massage, book your massage appointment today, and you’ll have an experienced massage therapist come to you.

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